Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Uprocessed: Day Eleven

Seems like Mondays are not good blogging days for me this month.  The past several days have been full of good eating and lots of soup.   Saturday I roasted a chicken and tried roasting my potatoes this fun way.

Of course, I made our salad dressing.  This is such an easy way to cut out processed ingredients.  
Salad dressing can be as easy as drizzling extra virgin olive oil and your favorite vinegar.
Or it can look like whisking up a mix as seen below 
(freshly ground pepper, Celtic sea salt, lemon juice, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, flax seed oil, ground mustard, basil)

Sunday we went for easy and made our own chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Also on Sunday, I went to the Lake Forrest Park Farmer's Market (last market of the season) to pick up our CSA box from Garden Treasures.  We decided that Full Circle Farms was not priced as competitively as a real CSA.  I just didnt' know that you could join CSA's this late in the season.  We have three more weeks and a bonus Thanksgiving box to anticipate.

Going to the market also doubled as some me-time.  I discovered Third Place Books, found some used titles I've been looking for, and enjoyed a latte and uninterrupted reading.  How does a latte fit into the unprocessed challenge?  Well, depending on if the coffee itself qualifies (which, I believe it was locally roasted), I asked for whipping cream instead of milk.  They look at you funny, but if you admit you're weird and high-maintenance and don't forget to tip, the baristas will be happy to accommodate you.  Of course, you have to double-check that they don't use ultra-pasteurized whipping cream as that it really unfit for drinking.

At market, I treated myself to a $5 bouquet.  I love market flowers!  Flowers on the table is also my secret to a clean kitchen and table (because I don't want to detract from their beauty).

Last night I had a dear friend over for dinner with her girls and I didn't think to photograph dinner (nor our breakfast pancakes that morning).  It was simple, butternut squash soup with a side salad and some grass-fed-buttered sourdough.  I can't say her girls loved it, but my six-year-old did have a second bowl.

Tonight?  We still have so many leftover soups that I think we'll be enjoying leftovers and I'll be taking it easy.


  1. We could so make that dressing. It would add variety to my usual olive oil/balsamic vinegar or yumm sauce. Pretty flowers, too.

  2. Yes, Deanna, you could! You can mix up the herbs you add to complement what you're cooking. I usually go with a balsamic, but sometimes venture to apple cider vinegar. Caesar dressing calls for wine vinegar (and anchovies among other things) but is all the men in the house's favorite.

  3. Oh, YUM YUM YUM! Beautiful food! Now I'm hungry....I haven't had dinner. I love making dressings like yours. That chicken looks delicious! Lovely post, Marianne!

  4. Hope your belly is full by now, Cherie. I'll look forward to hearing what you had for dinner.


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